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British Dressage- South West Region- Claire Lilley Un-mounted Workshop



This workshop was great fun for all involved, as well as a very informative session.
An initial briefing explained why we should all try to develop a good position and clear aids to help get the best out of our horses. Norman was lunged on his own to show how the horse’s back moves, and what we, as riders, should try to achieve to make sure our horses ‘working through the back’.

Your Horse Live 2011

Here is Norman (Dangerous Liason) and Claire, helped by Rachel Tetley at Your Horse Live 2011.

We had a fabulous time- Norman was a real star for his first big event and took to it all like a duck to water!

Lungeing from the Bridle

The bit connector is a great way to attach your lunge rein or lead rope to the bit. The bit stays level in the horse’s mouth. There is no need to detach your lunge rein when changing direction- useful when handling young horses or cheeky ones! It is also extremely useful for loading or leading training if you need to lead from a bridle.

Un-mounted Workshop with Chilworth Riding Club

I had a great afternoon with Chilworth Riding Club on their Position and Aids workshop. It was really well attended, and everyone enjoyed the rider exercises to music to get everyone moving!

The workshop included posture improvement, inter-active exercises to improve transitions and half-halts, and great fun was had by all on the contact session with everyone ‘long-reining’ each other to get the feel of what the horse actually feels from the rider’s hands- a revelation!!

Double Lungeing with the Feeline

With the Feeline, it is easy to allow your horse to stretch forwards and downwards at frequent intervals simply by softening the contact. There is no need to detach the Feeline for stretching work.


Lungeing with the Chambon

The Chambon encourages the horse to stretch forwards and downwards promoting freedom of movement through the horse’s back. It works by exerting gentle pressure over the poll and on the bit if the horse raises his head too high. Once the horse stretches, the chambon instantly becomes loose.

Your Horse Live 2010

We had a great time this year at Your Horse Live at Stoneleigh a with our regular trade stand and our products on sale. Claire was available for a chat and to sign books etc inbetween demonstrations.