British Dressage- South West Region- Claire Lilley Un-mounted Workshop



This workshop was great fun for all involved, as well as a very informative session.
An initial briefing explained why we should all try to develop a good position and clear aids to help get the best out of our horses. Norman was lunged on his own to show how the horse’s back moves, and what we, as riders, should try to achieve to make sure our horses ‘working through the back’.

An exercise session for body awareness and core stability was held in the stables, as it was raining hard outside, much to the amusement of the horses!

A session on Half-halts, transitions and turning aids, covering all the aids a rider needs to ride at al levels followed in the barn.

Luckily the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon which included a ridden demonstration on rider position in the saddle ridden exercises and how the aids/position work together.

Once everyone had been revived with tea and bisciuts, there was a very useful session on Understanding contact which was hilarious as well as really making everyone realise how very important it is to use the rider’s whole body to support the horse and not the reins alone. Also how a correct contact feels to the horse as well as the rider!

An on-foot session on positioning the rider’s body for lateral movements followed, and highlighted how the rider’s hips need to move to allow the horse to perform at his best and how the rider’s body should turn to position the horse. This was followed by a ridden demonstration, putting everything into practise.

Many thanks to Briony James and British Dressage for organising the afternoon. The next BD Position and Aids Un-mounted Workshop is on Saturday 5th May 2-4.30pm.

Every workshop is different, depending on questions asked. This such a huge subject to cover, it cannot be done in just one session, so if you would like to come again,

Directions to The Claire Lilley Training Centre, Forest Road, Melksham, Wilts SN12 7RB

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