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Reiki for You

Reiki for you

reiki room

You will be fully clothed lying on a couch or sitting on a chair. I will place my hands just above or lightly touch, different areas of you body, concentrating on where the energy is most needed.  During this treatment, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling, or just a deep sense of peace and relaxation. During a treatment, I will channel this energy through my hands and use it to rebalance the chakras, or centres of energy.

Reiki and Riding

Reiki and Riding

Amadeus now working at Grand Prix

Reiki can help you to be in the moment with your horse, gaining a closer relationship developing harmony and trust between you. It can help you to become more aware of small changes in yourself which may affect your horse through his training and care. Reiki can give you a sense of great calm, condusive with gaining connection, confidence, and communication with your equine partner, whether working on the ground or from the saddle.

George the Show Pony in Action!

George’s (Broomdowns Little Man) second outing was to the Wanborough Show on Saturday 18th June, where he won the youngstock class!

My favourite hat was covered in bird poop, so it needed a quick brush off before I wore it. (I think bird poo is lucky!) Anyway, he was amazing and the judge commented that,’He has something very special, and I can see him at HOYS in the lead rein/ first ridden classes.’ I was really happy with him, and it was worth all the huffing and puffing as I ran as fast as I could around the ring with him to keep up with his amazing trot.

Effective Training for the Horse

Effective Training

It is important to know what effect training should have on your horse. Preparatory work in hand and on the lunge strengthens the correct muscles in the hose’s body so that he can carry a rider with ease. This also depends ultimately on the rider’s ability and posture, but that is another subject. As a comparison, a 600kg horse ridden by a 60kg rider is working carrying 10% of his body weight. This is equivalent to a 60kg person working out with dumbbells totalling weight.