Claire's Product of the Month!

Our aim is to supply an exclusive range of equestrian training products which we use ourselves and can recommend, when used correctly, as being a kind way of training horses which really works.

We are often asked about particular aspects of horse behaviour and how to cope with issues. We can offer help, and when applicable, recommend one of our products.

Our monthly review will explain how a particular training aid works and how and when it may be used.

This Month- The Chambon

A chambon is used to encourage the horse to stretch forwards and down, exercising the neck and back muscles. These are the muscles needed for the horse to work properly though its back, step under behind, and ultimately, collect.

If the horse is in a correct outline, the chambon has no effect- it only comes into play should the horse raise its head too high. The horse soon learns that stretching and stepping under with the hind legs and rounding its back is far more comfortable than hollowing its back and dragging the back legs out behind.

The Chambon would be used as part of a lunge training programme and is effective with any horse at any stage of training, but it is particularly useful for the young horse or one coming back into training after a lay-off where ‘body building’ is required.

The Chambon may also be used to address bad habits such as throwing up the head or rearing, and is especially useful for loading into a lorry or trailer.

The Chambon should never be used when riding.

The Claire Lilley Chambon is a registered design, and is specially designed to give gentle pressure on the poll without irritating sensitive ears.

Further information- see it in action!

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