Classical Dressage Training

Horse ownership and riding can be a very enjoyable activity. The partnership developed between you and your horse can be so rewarding and lead to great achievements in whatever discipline you like, whether that is jumping, dressage, eventing or simply hacking.

As a horse owner/rider, you will instinctively know when there is something in the relationship not working as it should. It may be poorly fitting tack, a physical or psychological problem with your horse, or yourself, or you may have lost your confidence or feel nervous as a result of a bad experience.

It is at this point that the sensible owner will seek help and in the twenty first century they want more than being told, for example, “Pull it in the mouth and kick it on.” Neither you or your horse should feel frightened or put under duress- training horses is about being kind but fair and spending time educating them, as well as learning yourself.

Today, The caring rider wants help from someone who has the time and experience to help diagnose the problem and talk through remedial solutions.

This is where I can help.

About me

I have worked with horses for the past forty years. I trained in Germany as a Bereiter, riding at top level in both show jumping and dressage, studied Classical Riding with Sylvia Loch, and Arthur Kottas, former Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School, and have a sound knowledge Classical principles- working with your horse and not against him, including working the horse from the ground with  lungeing, long-reining and in-hand work. I am currently expanding my own knowledge by training as a counsellor and as a Reiki practitioner. I have been around horses all my life and have developed an in-depth sense of how they respond to the rider. fI have been a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years.

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What happens in an Initial assessment and lesson?

I spend time assessing both you and your horse and discuss with you what would best help you both. Then we have a lesson to work on what is most relevant for you.

What happens in a lesson?

I work on your position, aids and mental focus to help you to get the best from your horse, to make sure he/she understands what you want of him/her. Classical Riding is bout developing you and your horse’s, physical and mental strength to help you to work together and to build a better relationship.

What happens in a longer session?

I spend time with both you and your horse where we can go through anything that is concerning you. This usually takes around a couple of hours and more often than not, includes a ridden/ground work session depending on what you wish to show me. This includes an on-going plan which I will work out with you, involving discussion sessions or simply a series or lessons with your horse to help you to improve your technique, and your horse to improve fitness and strength.

All sessions will be using your own horse and can either take place at my riding yard or at your premises. Stabling /B&B/Travel will be charged separately.

If we feel the advice of your vet, saddler or farrier would be needed, we can discuss this as an option.

Price list

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