Double Lungeing with the Feeline

With the Feeline, it is easy to allow your horse to stretch forwards and downwards at frequent intervals simply by softening the contact. There is no need to detach the Feeline for stretching work.

The Feeline can also be used as conventional Long Reins where the horse is worked on straight lines with the handler behind. Make sure you walk slightly to one side behind the horse so he can see you at first until he gets used to you being behind him.

Here the photo shows the horse being lunged with the Feeline passed over his back.

This follows on from getting the horse used to working into the outside side rein.

This the first stage of using the Feeline where it feels like ‘riding the horse from the ground’ as you have a contact with both sides of the bit as you would when riding.

You can maintain a steady contact or allow the horse to stretch without detaching the Feeline.

Once you have mastered using the Feeline over your horse’s back, and he is accepting transitions easily, then you can progress to using the line behind. You may need a friend to hold the lunge whip for you at first. Otherwise you could you use a long schooling whip instead. Maintain a light contact keeping the line just above the horse’s hocks