FLexercise Classes -Devizes and Market Lavington

When are classes held?

Monday mornings 10.30-11.30am The Wyvern Club, 51 Church walk, Devizes SN10 3AA (behind The Green- which is behind the pond opposite Morrison’s)

Monday evenings 6.45 – 7.45pm – The Green Dragon 28, High Street Market Lavington SN10 4AG (in the function room behind the pub)

Wednesday mornings 10.30-11.30am The Green Dragon 28, High Street Market Lavington SN10 4AG (in the function room behind the pub)

Friday Mornings 10.30-11.30am The Old School, Church Street, Market Lavington SN10 4DG

Morning classes in Market Lavington:Time for tea/coffee and a chat afterwards? Get to know your class mates!


If improved fitness, energy and strength are on your fit list, you’re in luck. These unique classes are part exercise, part dance but all fun. Your future fitness is at your fingertips.

The system’s winning mix based on yoga, remedial health exercises and movement, achieves good posture and balance through exercise and maintains it through movement and dance.


What do we do in a class?

Learn how to move gracefully to great music , and to be strong at the same time!

You can exercise at your own speed and ability, whether you are new to exercise , coming back into sport after a lay-off,  wanting to lose weight and feel better, or as preparation work for all sports. Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate injury/stiffness etc.



See an example of the exercises 

Floor work

Floor work is great for improving mobility of the spine and gives support to your back. You will lay on your back for abdominal work. Leg raises and working with your legs above your body are great ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles without doing endless sit-ups!

FLexercise teachers doing floor work

Laying on your front, your body will be supported by the floor and with your arms while doing mobility exercises for the spine.


Chair-based work

If you are unable to get down onto the floor, you can exercise in a chair, but it is important to remain upright with correct alignment of your spine, and to not slump, as you will not feel the benefit of these movements.

About Me

I have been a teacher with FLexercise for 15 years. It used to be known as the Women’s League of Health and Beauty and has been keeping women of all ages fit since the 1930s. I started going with my mum at the age of 11 and I am now in my mid fifties! I am on the Register of Exercise professionals and NVQ level 3 sports coach.

Women's league of Health and Beauty

Classes focus on  core control, strength, balance and fitness  Teachers worldwide combine exercise and dance together in classes suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. The classes are great fun as well as a very effective way to improve your fitness.

Below: Some of the class members at our Christmas class!

keep fit xmas


stretching on the beach

Price £5 or 6 per class members, £7 or 8 non-members (depending on venue) 

(Yearly membership applies)