Hi – I’m Heinrich!

I am the quiet, well-behaved one at the yard. I have an Alter Ego when I am in public, because I think everything is very exciting and I can’t help showing off- at least a bit, especially when I have a new move to impress everyone with!


I love stretching work- it really loosens me up and helps me to relax.

stretching on circle


Here are ‘before and after photos of me- as  six year old, schooling and competing at novice level, and now at advanced level at the age of 17!

Heinrich canter heinrich halt competition Heinrich flying change


Well, after Claire found a bird’s nest in her top hat in the lorry due to lack of use, she and I have been out and about competing at Advanced ~medium and Advanced level this year so far. I am really enjoying it, and finding the movements easy, as we do lots of fancy stuff at the yard in training! Here I am in the lorry after a couple of successful days out!

IMG_0283 IMG_0261




Here I am as the cover star for Claire’s new book. Norman did it last time, but this time it’s me, though Mr Foley sneaked one of him on the front cover too- the cheek of it!



Hen long reins web


I have a fab year so far-I have done a few competitions at advanced medium level. I am liking extended canter a lot- it helps me to do better ‘fancy moves’ like flying changes and pirouettes! I have to up my game as Norman is catching me up fast!

I am a film star again! I was so good at it, that we shot the whole film in 2 days- no mistakes! here I am on the DVD cover, though it was not my best shot- especially with Claire hanging off the side grinning like mad!

She does take her time getting ready. What does she mean, she has to tighten the girth because I blow my stomach out? she seems to stay on board- at least most of the time!

Here I am with Claire and Lorraine dressed up to the nines for our Ride to Music Demo!

Norman’s a fine one to talk- thinking he’s the best over cavalletti- surely I am the pro at everything! Check out my trot with no poles or anything!


Who says dressage horses are rubbish at jumping- we can all prove them wrong!

This new foal arrived recently- who does he think he is- I’ll have to put him in his place! (Actually I like him- he brings out my playful side)

We went to Your Horse Live this year, of course I’ve been a few times- nothing scary here! I wish Claire would stop chatting – I want to show off again!


I am the model for Claire’s Chambon- I like having a good stretch through my back- it feels great!

Here I am as cover star for the Scales of Training Book- of course I nailed it in one go, as usual!

Here I am as a 6 year old in one of my first competitions with Claire. We clicked from the start her and me- its great to have someone you trust!

Here I am in training, learning how to use my muscles. I feel like a gymnast!

Here I am at just one year old-don’t I look young!