Hi – I’m Norman!


here we are again- medium level this time. I can’t believe we are now classed as veterans- both Claire and me- still got it!

norm west wilts 7 web


Here I am – out and about. This year we are aiming at Advanced Medium level, so here’s hoping!

C and norm comp


Well, we have had a great year so far doing lots of training at home. It will be my turn to go out soon to a competition- I am just mastering these flying changes with Claire on board- mind you, I can do them brilliantly in the field!

Here’s a glimpse of Claire and me schooling this summer:

Norman and Claire schooling

I love cavaletti- they are great fun, and make me really supple.





Norm standing good boy.web



Well, we have all been posing for loads of photos for Claire’s next book while the weather is nice. Lots of ‘costume changes’ to do as there are lots of subjects to do with lungeing, long-reining an din-hand work!


Norm trot

I am getting the hang of this competition lark and not getting so nervous now I know what I am doing! I am enjoying the sideways stuff- I thinkI can do it as well as Heinrich can!3291

I am now a cover star for Claire’s new book- we had to get on with it quickly when it wasn’t raining. Claire’s husband was lying on the ground with the camera in front of my nose- I was careful not to get too close!

Here I am at a big show called Your Horse Live. I had never seen anything like this before, but I had a nice stable next to friendly horse, so we nattered about things when we were left alone. It was very busy, but it all seemed OK.
Claire took me into the arena for a practise very early in the morning on the first day- there were loads of ponies going around and around, so we mooched about, having a look at the plants and so on. Nothing leapt out at me, so I stayed calm!
Here we are doing our stuff.

I think we’ve finished- but what is she doing now?

Everyone clapped afterwards- what a strange thing to do- flap your hands about- and what a funny noise!


I like lungeing very much, especially going over poles and these things called cavaletti- I love showing off over them- especially to Ruby, who thinks she knows it all!

I like jumping too- whee- here I go- I can jump better than Heinrich any day!

Who’s that handsome chap? I like chatting to my friend in the mirror!

Here I am learning all this new stuff- still it seems ok, though I get a bit afraid sometimes and I’m not sure how to move my legs and back doing these new moves, but I am getting the hang of it.

No problem in the field though!