Horses on a Frosty Morning

The sequence in these photos is an interesting example of ‘herd dynamics’ with Heinrich and Norman and Foley all reacting in their individual ways to communicate and to keep each other safe from something scary they have noticed next door. An unfamiliar group of people were walking across the fields, the other side of the hedge.

Heinrich, Norman and Mr Foley all grazing calmly- a bit of 'boy band' bonding

Heinrich, Norman and Mr Foley all grazing calmly- a bit of ‘boy band’ bonding.

horses frosty morn 2

Mr Foley: ‘Hey, just come over to see what you are doing on the muck heap. Better keep my ears tunes to the others, though in case I miss something.’

horses frosty morn 3

Heinrich: ‘As herd leader, I am on lookout duty. Hmm, nothing doing yet. Air’s a bit chilly up the nostrils.’

horses frosty morn 4

Mr Foley: Well I’ll just check the other direction. Hey, guys- there’s some strange people in next door’s field!’

horses frosty morn 5

Norman: ‘Oh my word- Intruder alert- scramble! The world’s going to end! Heinrich and Foley: ‘Hey, chill. Let’s keep our ears on Claire- see her reaction.’

horses frosty morn 6

Heinrich: ‘Foley and I will keep you surrounded so you feel safe.’ Norman:’ I can see Claire-.Oh, all seems calm. Phew, panic over.’

tabby cat

Tabby cat: ‘Don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’ve had breakfast and now a bit of sunbathing is on the cards.