Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand Work Training

Enhance your horse’s training programme by including lungeing, long-reining and in-hand work. Claire can devise a training programme for you to include in your horse’s existing fitness schedule.

Lungeing over cavaletti and poles is very good strengthening work.

Lungeing, long-reining and in-hand work is invaluable for all disciplines- dressage, jumping and eventing.

Long-reining helps to improve the horse’s (and riders!) understanding of contact

It can be so useful for:

  • General fitness and muscle development
  • Bringing your horse back into work after a lay-off
  • Improving suppleness and strength
  • Improving balance and straightness
  • Improving acceptance of the contact
  • Improving ‘working through the back’
  • Improving outline and engagement
  • Remedial work to help training problems

In-hand work is so useful for developing confidence and understanding the aids

Claire can come to you on a freelance basis, for ridden work or ground work training, or bring your horse to The Claire Lilley Training Centre,Melksham SN12 7RB.

Phone 01380 812483, or email Claire