What is meditation?

Meditation is about bringing your attention to the present moment- your thoughts and feelings, and the world around you. This often called ‘mindfulness’. It helps you to recognise your own thoughts and anxiety , and enables you to deal with adverse feelings earlier, building self-confidence and self-esteem, and ability to cope with stressful situations. Meditation is about enjoying the moment and to see yourself in a kind and positive way. Learning techniques that can be used for a short time each day can help to introduce calmness into your life, reducing the body’s signs of stress such as high blood pressure, feelings of panic, shortness of breathe and so on. Meditation promotes a holistic feeling of well-being for both mind and body.

What happens in a session?

You will be sitting on a chair or lying on a mat- whichever you prefer. We will check your posture and focus on your breath to start with to calm your mind- and to slow down a ‘busy’ brain. We will work through the body releasing tension, aiming for a deep sense of peace and relaxation. We will spend some tome on relaxing each part of the body in turn, focusing on breathing techniques. You will be guided through a mediation scene, such as walking through a garden to help you to mentally relax and to bring about a sense of calm, like a daydream. We all have a special place to remember where we felt happy and relaxed.

Meditation can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance mind, body and soul
  • Promote self-healing

Stressful situations such as a visit to the dentist, sitting in traffic jams etc can be managed in a calmer way with meditation techniques, enabling you to keep your cool when under pressure! Performance anxiety, such as making a speech or taking part in a competition can be significantly reduced with meditative techniques.


Psychic awareness can become heightened through meditation, and I can lead you on a guided meditation to explore this with you. Tarot cards and crystals and interpretation of dreams can be a useful tool for learning to trust your intuition and to learn more about yourself.

I run a meditation group as well as individual sessions of reiki/meditation/relaxation.

About Me

As a counselling and psychotherapy student in my final year of a BACP Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling,  I can support you on your own path of self-discovery, using counselling techniques to back up my work as a reiki master. Being in a calm frame of mind and in a safe environment can be condusive with wanting to talk, without being judged. Healing runs in my family, and I am following the path of my grandmother, who was clairvoyant and a spiritual healer.


Grandma H amd me feeding swans