Saturday 17 October 11-1.30pm-Un-mounted Workshop- Classical Dressage

Improve your seat and develop more effective aids!

Advice and tips on how to  fine-tune your position on the ground, which can really make a huge difference in your communication with your horse, developing a happy partnership, and improving your performance, following the Classical Principles of The Scales of Training:

Rhythm- Suppleness-Contact-Impulsion


at The Claire Lilley Training Centre,

Forest Road, Melksham, Wilts SN12 7RB


Whether you are a dressage rider, jumper, carriage driver, side saddle rider, or enjoy hacking, a better position will help you to get the best from your horse.

Meet the horses, and see them in action, as I will do a demo for you, showing how you can influence your horse with your body, and your mind.

£20 per person.

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