200+ Exercises with Poles


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These days there is never enough time for anything, let alone schooling your horse enough to make a big difference in his progress. This book shows ground pole training for all disciplines showing how you can optimise precious schooling time and makes the most of limited time scales.

This book gives quick and easy pole layouts using no more than four poles.  Different exercises are given for each pole layout, so there is no need to move the poles during a session.

The exercises help the rider to ride with precision, improving the horse’s way of going and establishing correct training according to the scales of training, namely Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection.

The rider can use the different layouts to check if they are sitting straight, turning correctly, and riding transitions and lateral movements properly.

This book is as valuable for the riding instructor as for the rider.  Poles are a great teaching tool, adding variety to every lesson and helping the teacher to explain lessons to the pupil. Teacher tips are given for each exercise when using these exercises in riding lessons.

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