The Scales of Training Workbook by Claire Lilley


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Claire’s latest book is a must for every horse owner. The scales apply to the basic schooling of every horse, whether the rider wishes to concentrate on dressage, jumping or eventing, and provide an* essential foundation* for the horse’s physical and mental development. If the scales are not observed at novice level, then it is unlikely that horse and rider will progress to advanced levels or be able to maintain a consistent level of performance.

The scales work in a chronological sequence and are inter-related; they all relate to every stage of the horse’s training to some degree. In dressage competitions the scales are used at all levels to check if a horse’s way of going is correct, but they are also essential for jumping.
A balanced, obedient horse who is supple and straight will develop a good jumping technique and go much further in his career and be easier and more pleasurable to ride than a horse who is poorly trained.
In this illustrated workbook Claire Lilley explains how to use the scales when schooling and jumping at home. She describes the principles of each training scale and includes in each section a number of exercises designed to improve performance, with notes on what to look for, training tips and solutions to common mistakes and misunderstandings.