Stop, Go, Turn book by Claire Lilley



Whatever level you ride at, and whichever discipline you enjoy, it is so important to make sure your basic riding technique is correct in order to get the very best from your horse.

This book will give you a greater insight as to how three aspects of riding, Stop, Go and Turn, are used both separately and inter-linked to enable you to establish a correct training regime, whether you are starting a young horse, or re-training an older individual.

STOP: Develop balance through half-halts and correct transitions.

Half-halts are essential for improving your horse’s balance and are necessary to prepare your horse for every transition and movement. They also regulate the gaits, and improve your horse’s balance by encouraging him to ‘take weight behind’.

GO: Create impulsion and forwardness through collection.

 After every half-halt, your horse will need to ‘go forwards’ again. Your horse must always go forwards in rhythm- each gait must remain pure at all times when riding school movements, whether they are simple ones such as straight lines, turns and circles, or more demanding ones such as lateral movements.

TURN: Understanding flexion and bend is the key to correct lateral work.

 Flexion and bend are essential for every school move you do- from circles to serpentines, shoulder-in to half pass, and so on. They are also necessary for canter work- your horse will not canter in balance on the correct lead if he cannot flex at the poll nor bend in his ribs.

Each section includes a chapter on common mistakes, and ridden exercises to try.

Improving the Basics is all about perfecting your technique over time- there is no ‘quick fix’; it takes months or even years to develop together with your horse as a team, whether you are a novice rider just starting out, or an advanced rider wanting to improve.

The outcome of being able to Stop, Go and Turn with ease is a horse that is well balanced, attentive to the rider’s aids and able to work ‘through his back’ this can only be achieved under a rider with a correct position and clear aids; clear aids create a confident horse- and a happy rider!

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