Claire says: ”This DVD will really help you to get the basics right and help you to ride with a correct position and the saddle and to give clear aids that your horse will understand- the key to good riding!!”

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The First Equestrian Training DVD with

This DVD is essential for every rider– whatever level they ride at and whatever discipline they are interested in. Being able to stop, go and turn is fundamental to good riding. In any sport, it is so important to practise the basics- the golfer will spend hours practising his swing, the dancer hours perfecting their steps. Riding is no different. To achieve a true partnership with your horse  and  success in competition in dressage, jumping or cross country, your riding position and aids must be absolutely correct. This DVD draws the rider’s attention to the small details that can turn a good rider into a great rider.

Develop balance through half-halts and correct transitions.Half-halts are essential for improving your horse’s balance and are necessary to prepare your horse for every transition and movement. They also regulate the gaits, and improve your horse’s balance by encouraging him to ‘take weight behind’.

Create impulsion and forwardness through collection.

After every half-halt, your horse will need to ‘go forwards’ again. Your horse must always go forwards in rhythm- each gait must remain pure at all times when riding school movements, whether they are simple ones such as straight lines, turns and circles, or more demanding ones such as lateral movements.

Understanding flexion and bend is the key to correct lateral work.

Flexion and bend are essential for every school move you do- from circles to serpentines, shoulder-in to half pass, and so on. They are also necessary for canter work- your horse will not canter in balance on the correct lead if he cannot flex at the poll nor bend in his ribs.

Also included is a second DVD of Rider Exercises to help the rider to loosen up before riding, and to raise awareness of balance and posture- essential to maintain an effective position in the saddle.

This DVD explains the essential elements of good riding in 3 easy to understand lessons so you can either watch the whole film, or a lesson at a time.

Whether you are a novice rider just starting out, or an experienced rider wanting to brush up on your skills, this DVD is for you, whatever age you are!

Stop! How to halt and control and balance your horse with half-halts.

Go! Riding perfect transitions between the gaits, understanding ‘forwardness’.

Turn! How to ride turns and circles with precision. Learn the difference between flexion and bend.

Each section includes;
Clear ‘on the ground’ explanations of each subject
Rider position and aids on the horse
Ridden Lesson
Exercises for you and your horse to try.

A half hour exercise session for you to try including;
Core Stability
All the above are essential for good riding!

Great Value! £24.95 (PLUS P&P)
for 4 lessons.

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