Claire Lilley Lunge Kit



This innovative Lunge Kit is a must for every horse owner! It offers a complete training programme to improve your horse’s fitness and muscle development as part of a full training regime.

The kit includes;

The Chambon helps your horse to stretch forwards ands downwards which strengthens and mobilises the back in particular and improves looseness throughout the horse’s body. It fits most horses and ponies.

How to use the Chambon

The Side Reins are for encouraging the horse to work in a rounded outline and to accept a steady rein contact (the reins are plain and non-elasticated for this purpose)
They are numbered so it is easy to make sure they are both fitted the same length. *One size fits all. * (including ponies!)

How to lunge with Side reins

The Feeline makes double-lungeing and long-reining easier and can be used in different ways depending on your horse’s stage of development.
The length of the Feeline has been carefully worked out to make it easy to use when lungeing the horse on a circle.
It is also easy to manage when long-reining behind the horse, and still allows you to be a safe distance away.
It can also be used for close in-hand work.
The attachment clips make it very quick and easy to attach and detach.

How to use the Feeline

Instructional DVD -showing how to fit and use the kit
Booklet– with instructions and training tips
Hand Carry-Bag– so you can take your kit with you easily!
The Feeline and Chambon are registered Designs