Scales of Training DVD by Claire Lilley PLUS Chambon & Side Reins

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Special  Offer- Get going with spring training with your horse! 

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A on-off opportunity to purchase the Training programme DVD – Scales of Training PLUS a chambon and side reins for lunge work- a fabulous combination for schooling your horse!


This DVD explains what each subject means, how to achieve it, and how to overcome problems.

Exercises are given to help you improve your horse’s level of training, including the use of ground poles, music and other schooling suggestions.
Riding dressage tests at Preliminary, Novice is explained with an introduction to competing at Elementary level.




Need help encouraging your horse to stretch forwards and downwards? The Chambon can help.

This Chambon is specially designed for comfort and effectiveness. Easy to fit and to use when lungeing, it will help your horse to develop strength and suppleness through the back, helping  him to relax and accept a calm, confident soft contact with the bit. It can also be used bitless, by attaching it to a lunge cavesson.


One size – fits most horses and ponies!

Side Reins 

The side reins are non-elastic and help to teach the horse to accept a steady contact with the bit. They are numbered so it is easy to make sure they are both fitted the same length. One size fits all. (including ponies!)

How to lunge with Side Reins