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Need help encouraging your horse to stretch forwards and downwards? The Chambon can help.

This Chambon is specially designed for comfort and effectiveness. Easy to fit and to use when lungeing, it will help your horse to develop strength and suppleness through the back, helping  him to relax and accept a calm, confident soft contact with the bit. It can also be used bitless, by attaching it to a lunge cavesson.

One size – fits most horses and ponies!

Please note: There may be some discolouration of the mental parts, but this does not affect the function.

archie stretching web

Stretching forwards and downwards after using the chambon- once the horse has developed the right muscles, the chambon has done its job.


Horses can stretch their necks down when grazing- a natural stretch.


Once your horse can stretch forwards and downwards on the lunge, he can do it when ridden!

I am so impressed with the Chambon- my horse has all the right muscles in all the right places, and is so much more relaxed- lungeing with it really compliments my training regime!


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Heinrich and Norman working in a chambon
How to use the Chambon

The Chambon is a registered design