The Equestrian Counsellor

Working in the equestrian profession is not easy and comes with a whole range of stressful situations. solo working can be lonely, with no-one to share worries and concerns, anxiety can take hold, and affect your self-confidence and self-worth.

As an equestrian professional myself, having been a riding instructor for many years, I understand this world and how tough it can be, especially in the long, cold and dark winter months.

I became a counsellor after a suggestion from one of my horse riding clients- teaching requires a great deal of understanding and empathy for horse-owners, so it was a ‘no-brainer’ once I started training, and felt I had found my niche.

Losing a beloved horse or pet can be devastating, as can taking the decision to end their life if they are suffering. Letting go is so difficult, and finding support through tis dreadful experience really helps.

Personal injury is common, and can be hard to deal with if you are a fit and active person. Physical jobs such as vets, farriers, farmers, horse trainers, for example, demand physical fitness and stamina: injury can knock this for six, and the mental impact of not being able to do what you need to can knock you for six.

I can offer counselling in Devizes, Market Lavington, or at my stables in Melksham.

Horse are wonderful creatures and being around them is a great way to understand more about your body language and non-verbal communication. They mirror our inner thoughts and feelings, and reflect our posture and anxieties and can be valuable partners in therapy.

My horses are available as part of ongoing counselling therapy, if this would be beneficial for you.

If you would like help, please contact me for details.

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