Free-schooling with Norman

Here is a short video of Norman schooling himself. Undulating ground adds to fitness and balance, so if you do not have a sand school, good old-fashioned grass is fine. Just check the footing is not slippery first. Working without a lunge line, in a secure place, helps you to develop communication with your body language and voice.

Classical Dressage Training

I will be starting one-to-one lessons with your horse, locally to Devizes, at the premises you keep him/her, from 8th March. Do contact me if you are interested

As a classical dressage trainer, for many years,  my philosophy is to fix things before taking them into the saddle.

I work with riders to help with body function and mental process, unblocking negative thought patterns, which can help so much with being stuck.

A partnership with a horse is very special. Taking time to really notice what is going on for you in relation to the horse develops self-awareness and helps you to understand how you function.

Developing your relationship with your horse influences how you cope under pressure at competitions, hacking out, and knowing that your horse understands you and your aids is crucial to developing trust between you and for quick reactions when needed.

Individual lessons and clinics available on a freelance basis. Lessons start from £45 plus travel. Please contact me for details.

On-line training options are also available if you are too far away to travel to.


On-Line Horse and Rider Training

On-line Horse and Rider Training

Schedule  a live face-to-face session with me on Zoom to talk through training issues. If you have a film of you and your horse in action (15 mins max), please send it to me beforehand and we can plan your future progress.I will send you a registration form to complete.

Email me to register your interest and to book a time. Live sessions last up to an hour and cost £40. This cost also covers assessing your video footage prior to chatting to you face-to-face.

How to pay

You can pay by Paypal:

On-line session