Equestrian Sports Psychology

Equestrian Sports Psychology is about understanding more about how you function in a sports environment, together with your horse. With many years of experience as both a rider and coach, and as a psychotherapist, experience my unique approach to building a better bond with your horse.

Performing under pressure with both you and your horse giving your best at the right time can be very stressful. We will work on performance anxiety, which can have such a detrimental effect on your performance, and drastically reduce your ability.

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How I work

Working on a one-to-one basis, can help you to understand what impacts on you as an athlete, and to learn about coping strategies, as well as discovering the root causes of issues that are causing concern for you.

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As a Grand prix dressage competitor and former show jumper myself, I am aware of how much stress and planning goes into each and every performance.  Understanding more about yourself, increasing your self-awareness, and how you function under pressure has a huge effect on how you and your horse work together as a partnership.

Clinics and individual lessons available, also Zoom sessions, where we can analyse your performance. Webinar training is also available. Please check the events page for up-coming sessions.


You may find my latest book, The Psychology of Horsemanship useful.

The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley