Equine Assisted Counselling for Horse Riders

Equine Assisted Counselling for Horse Riders

As an equestrian professional for many years, and a psychotherapist, I offer my unique approach to counselling for horse riders.

I can work with you and your own horse to develop your relationship, and to work with any issues you may have. Most importantly, we will  focus on gaining a better understanding about your horse and about yourself.

Sessions will include ‘talking therapy‘ without the horse, to gain understanding about yourself, and issues going on for you. We will also work with your horse, to improve how you function together.

Claire and Heinrich

Time will be spent on common issues that can turn horsemanship from a pleasurable experience into a nightmare!

How it works

6 sessions are recommended, for example, starting and finishing with you on your own to notice and understand the change in your relationship with your horse before and after therapy.

Sessions, lasting up to an hour, cost £45 each.  (travel costs may apply)

Sessions also available online via Zoom using video footage of you and your horse.

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