Is your horse difficult to handle?

Would you like to feel calmer, less anxious with your horse?
Often handling issues with our horses stem from our own anxiety.
As both a psychotherapist, and riding coach, I offer my unique approach to horse owners. Get to know your nervous system with  Feel Safe Equine Therapy™. 

How it works

Sessions will include ‘talking therapy‘ without the horse, to gain understanding about yourself, and how your anxiety, frustration, despair affect how your horse relates to you. issues going on for you.

Claire and Heinrich

I can work with you and your own horse to develop your relationship, and to work with any issues you may have. Most importantly, we will  focus on gaining a better understanding about your horse and about yourself.

I also work with horse riders who may have lost their nerve through accidents or injury, and help them to re-build their relationship with their horses.
Do contact me for an initial chat to see if the horses and I can help you.

Sessions are also available online via Zoom using video footage of you and your horse.

The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley


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