Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand work Book and DVD by Claire Lilley

Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand work by Claire Lilley

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This book explains how to school your horse from the ground, starting with fundamental techniques and providing progressive exercises to work through. It explains the importance of stretching work, and how to establish a correct outline, and the best methods for building strength, suppleness and quality movement. Remedial work is also included to overcome problems such as crookedness, lack of balance, stiffness, etc.

It describes in detail how to lunge, long- rein, double-lunge and school in-hand, from a basic level to advanced. Throughout, common problems are discussed and solutions offered.

Also covered are the use of training aids (where necessary), schooling over ground poles and cavalletti, and jumping the horse on the lunge.

Also available Claire’s Training Programme Lungeing DVD.

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A step-by-step look at the techniques of working the horse from the ground, an integral part for every horse’s training. Learn with Claire how to develop the horse as an athlete, improve balance, suppleness and muscle tone.



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