Feel Safe Equine Therapy

Welcome to Feel Safe Equine Therapy™. Would you like to feel calmer, less anxious? Get to know your nervous system, working with me and my horses. I work with adults on a one-to-one basis.

As both a psychotherapist, and riding coach, I combine both worlds to help with issues such as grief, relationships, PTSD, eating disorders and low self-esteem.

Heinrich by the gate
I also work with horse riders who may have lost their nerve through accidents or injury, and help them to re-build their relationship with their horses.
Do contact me for an initial chat to see if the horses and I can help you. I work both face to face and on-line.

Riding Without Fear: The Psychology of Horsemanship Webinar

Riding Without Fear: The Psychology of Horsemanship (On-line webinar)

Monday 24th October 2022  at 7pm

Riding is a risky sport, and with riders being prone to accidents and injuries. Such traumatic events affect  your confidence.  This webinar aims to help you to understand how your fears of riding affect the relationship with your horse.

This hour long webinar is run on Zoom, enabling live participation and discussion. A link to join will be sent by email on receipt of payment. Price £10 per person.

This live webinar with me includes:

  • Printable handout
  • Live interaction
  • Presentation slides
  • Summary and learning
  • Access to pre-recorded session for 7 days after the event. (The live event is not recorded, for your privacy)

There are three parts to this webinar:

  • Equine Psychology (Understanding the horse)

The horse’s senses, primary responses and emotion

  •  Training Psychology (Understanding yourself)

How fear and past experiences impact on the rider, and the effect on their relationship with their horse. 

Relational Psychology (Understanding the partnership)

The goals, the development and the challenges faced in successful horsemanship

You can book your place below, or contact me for bank details to pay by bank transfer. Tickets are not refundable or transferable.

Click here for further details about The Psychology of Horsemanship book by Claire Lilley

The Equestrian Counsellor

The Equestrian Counsellor

With many years of experience as both a rider and coach, and as a  psychotherapist  with an equestrian background, I combine many years of experience into my unique approach to help you to get the best out of your relationship with your horse.

Past traumatic experiences, such as falling off, being injured, or losing a beloved horse can have a profound effect on confidence, and self belief.  We can work through such experiences together, to help you to gain a better understanding of how these can impact  on you, and your horse.

Team Work

Building a better relationship with your horse is about how you work as a team. . Sessions will include ‘talking therapy‘ without the horse, to gain self-awareness  and to explore issues going on for you. We will also work with your horse, to improve how you function together.

Understanding your Horse

Horses are very aware of non-verbal communication- our body language, how calm and confident we are, or not. This applies to all aspects of horsemanship – whether we are riding or handling them, or simply in their presence. They pick up things, such as our fears,  about ourselves we are not even aware of!

What happens in sessions?

Time will be spent on coaching, talking about coping strategies. I aim to help you to work through problems before putting them into practice with your horse. Working on-line, we can discuss a short video of you and your horse in action together.


Personal sessions (up to an hour) without the horse can be on-line, using Zoom. Coaching sessions with your horse are available in person, subject to distance. (Travel costs and a minimum number of coaching hours may apply)