200+ Exercises with Poles Book and Training Programme with Poles DVD by Claire Lilley

200+ School Exercises with Poles book by Claire Lilley

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This book shows ground pole training for all disciplines showing how you can optimise precious schooling time and makes the most of limited time-scales.

This book gives quick and easy pole layouts, mostly using no more than four poles. Different exercises are given for each pole layout, so there is no need to move the poles during a session.

Before you ask, yes I have ridden every exercise ! My horses really enjoy pole-work and I also use them frequently as a teaching tool.

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Claire Lilley Training Programme with Poles DVD

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schooling with poles DVD
Schooling With Poles DVD

Why use poles?

The exercises help the rider to ride with precision, improving the horse’s way of going and establishing correct training according to the Scales of training, namely Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection.

Try the exercises for yourself and I’m sure you will be amazed at the improvements that can be made, both in your riding technique and in your horse’s way of going. You will never be bored with schooling again!

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Invaluable training with Claire in these inspirational DVDs. An abundance of information with approx 2 hours running time each DVD. .From Lungeing to ridden work, dressage to jumping, these DVDs will help to guide you from the basics to competing.

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claire lilley DVDS