The Psychology of Horsemanship Webinar

The Psychology of Horsemanship Webinar (3 parts)


Part 1: Monday 18th January 7pm GMT

Equine Psychology (Understanding the horse)

How the horse sees his world, including us, his human companions, trainers, and riders.

Part 2: Monday 1st February at 7pm, GMT

Training Psychology (Understanding yourself)

The rider’s communication to the horse, relating to training and learning from past experiences.

Part 3: Monday 15th February at 7pm GMT

Relational Psychology (Understanding the partnership

The goals, the development and the challenges we face in successful horsemanship.


Please contact me if you need further information.

Horses are fascinating and perceptive creatures. Developing a thorough understanding of how a horse interprets the world around them and deliberately being self-aware as a rider, are the essential skills to a successful and fulfilling partnership. These 3 webinars follows the information in my latest book,The Psychology of Horsemanship. In ‘the old days’ I would have held an evening demonstration, but as that is not an option for the near future, I thought we could meet online.


We will use Zoom, and you will receive an email with a link to join the session in advance. I can send you the information you will need. It is fairly straightforwards, but extra time will be given ahead of the meeting to log on.

There will be no refund of tickets available on cancellation, but they can be transferred to another seminar.

A downloadable pre-recorded version of this seminar are available on the link below if you are unable to watch live. (The live event is not recorded, for your privacy)

Click here for further details are in my book, available from Crowood Press.

Perdido at the South West Iberian Show

Perdido and I ventured off to the South West Iberian Show recently. He is such a cool dude, and really looked after me. So many new experiences to tackle for us!


We both had a lovely time, having not been to any shows since last year.

Claire Lilley and Perdido

He coped really well with the environment, and did not bat an eyelid at anything.

We came fifth in the in-hand PRE stallions, third in ridden PRE stallion, and won first place at the Friday evening Parade class. This was our first outing in our Spanish gear, so very exciting!

FREE Riding to Music CD with all Book and DVD Orders

riding to music CD

FREE Riding to Music CD with every book and DVD order!

THis CD contain different original tracks, set at differing speeds for walk, trot and canter for you to ride to when you school your horse.

Music can be very relaxing, and help to establish rhythm and tempo. There are also a couple of dressage test tracks for you to practise putting together a routine.

riding to music CD
Riding to Music CD