Long-reining and in-hand work: summer exercise

Too hot to ride? Long-reining and in-hand work require minimum equipment, and can be done in walk as summer exercise. You can dress cooly, but be sure to wear stout shoes and gloves! (A hard hat too is recommended.)

Schooling your horse from the ground calmly in walk gives you time to assess his way of going. It also gives you time to improve your body language and application of your aids, to make sure he/she understands what is required.

For more details, please see my book and accompanying DVD, Lungeing, Long-reining and in-hand schooling. 


lungeing book an ddvd
Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand work book and Lungeing DVD



Dressage to Music Book and CD by Claire Lilley

riding to music CD

Riding to Music CD 

riding to music CD
Riding to Music CD

The CD has 9 tracks, giving 3 samples of walk, 3 of trot, and 3 of canter, all approx 3 minutes in length. All are different tempos, to suit different speeds of walk, trot and canter. Great to practice riding to.

PLUS there are 2 samples of dressage routines to try, of approx.  5 minutes and 6 minutes long. tracks, with two routines for you to try.

A great way to add interest to schooling, especially working on rhythm and tempo. The total playing time is approx 40 mins.

Price £7.00 (inc P&P UK Mainland only)

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