200+ Exercises with Poles Book and Training Programme with Poles DVD by Claire Lilley

200+ School Exercises with Poles book by Claire Lilley

£21.99 (plus p&p) 

This book shows ground pole training for all disciplines showing how you can optimise precious schooling time and makes the most of limited time-scales.

This book gives quick and easy pole layouts, mostly using no more than four poles. Different exercises are given for each pole layout, so there is no need to move the poles during a session.

Before you ask, yes I have ridden every exercise ! My horses really enjoy pole-work and I also use them frequently as a teaching tool.

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Claire Lilley Training Programme with Poles DVD

SPECIAL OFFER £22.95 £14.99 (plus p&p)

schooling with poles DVD
Schooling With Poles DVD

Why use poles?

The exercises help the rider to ride with precision, improving the horse’s way of going and establishing correct training according to the Scales of training, namely Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection.

Try the exercises for yourself and I’m sure you will be amazed at the improvements that can be made, both in your riding technique and in your horse’s way of going. You will never be bored with schooling again!

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100 School Exercises for Teaching Riding by Claire Lilley


In this book, you will find exercises for all levels of horse and rider, from novice level to advanced, in both dressage and jumping, including the use of props in training. The author shows how exercises can be combined to create the optimum learning experience for rider and horse, both from a teaching perspective and for solo training – a ‘teacher in a book’. Claire Lilley draws on her may years of experience as a riding coach, with insight from being a student in her formative years. She explains exercises from the teacher’s perspective: what to look for, and key teaching points to consider.
The last section of exercises is for development as a teacher, inviting the riding teacher to evaluate their own skills so as to to improve their coaching methods. Suggestions are given to improve coaching methods, such as observational skills of the physical and mental capacities of both horse and rider. Finally, training plans are given, using the exercises in practice, with consideration as to whether lessons are individual, shared or group, as well as lesson location. This book will be a valuable resource for riding instructors and pupils alike, a welcome addition to the teacher’s library.

Riding to Music CD with Claire Lilley

riding to music CD

Riding to Music CD with Claire Lilley

SPECIAL OFFER £10.99 £7.99 ONLY (plus p&p UK only)

This CD, especially composed for riding to music,  contains different original tracks, especially composed for riding to. The music is for walk, trot and canter. There are  9 tracks, giving 3 samples of walk, 3 of trot, and 3 of canter, set at differing speeds, all approx 3 minutes in length.

riding to music CD

PLUS there are 2 samples of dressage routines to try, of approx.  5 minutes and 6 minutes long. tracks, with two routines for you to try.

This CD is a great way to add interest to schooling, especially for relaxing, and working on rhythm and tempo. The total playing time is approx 40 mins.

Interested in formation/quadrille riding? This CD is ideal for riding in pairs or a group. A ready made session for coaches to use with their clients.


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Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand work Book and DVD by Claire Lilley

lungeing book an ddvd

Lungeing, Long-reining and In-hand work by Claire Lilley

£18.99 (plus P&P)

This book explains how to school your horse from the ground, starting with fundamental techniques and providing progressive exercises to work through. It explains the importance of stretching work, and how to establish a correct outline, and the best methods for building strength, suppleness and quality movement. Remedial work is also included to overcome problems such as crookedness, lack of balance, stiffness, etc.

It describes in detail how to lunge, long- rein, double-lunge and school in-hand, from a basic level to advanced. Throughout, common problems are discussed and solutions offered.

Also covered are the use of training aids (where necessary), schooling over ground poles and cavalletti, and jumping the horse on the lunge.

Also available Claire’s Training Programme Lungeing DVD.

SPECIAL OFFER £22.95 £14.99 (Plus p&p)

A step-by-step look at the techniques of working the horse from the ground, an integral part for every horse’s training. Learn with Claire how to develop the horse as an athlete, improve balance, suppleness and muscle tone.



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Stop, Go, Turn Book and Training Programme DVD by Claire Lilley

stop go turn

Stop, Go, Turn Book by Claire Lilley

AMAZING VALUE AT  £16.99 (plus p&p)



Whatever level you ride at, and whichever discipline you enjoy, it is so important to make sure your basic riding technique is correct in order to get the very best from your horse.

This book will give you a greater insight as to how three aspects of riding, Stop, Go and Turn, are used both separately and inter-linked to enable you to establish a correct training regime, whether you are starting a young horse, or re-training an older individual.

Each section includes a chapter on common mistakes, and ridden exercises to try.

Claire Lilley Training Programme Stop, Go, Turn DVD 

SPECIAL OFFER  £24.95  £14.99 (plus p&p)

Fantastic value! This excellent DVD explains clearly how to

Perfect the fundamentals of riding

The outcome of being able to Stop, Go and Turn with ease is a horse that is well balanced, attentive to the rider’s aids and able to work ‘through his back’ this can only be achieved under a rider with a correct position and clear aids; clear aids create a confident horse- and a happy rider!

PLUS Free DVD on exercises for the rider!


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