FREE Riding to Music CD with all Book and DVD Orders

riding to music CD

FREE Riding to Music CD with every book and DVD order!

THis CD contain different original tracks, set at differing speeds for walk, trot and canter for you to ride to when you school your horse.

Music can be very relaxing, and help to establish rhythm and tempo. There are also a couple of dressage test tracks for you to practise putting together a routine.

riding to music CD
Riding to Music CD

Dressage to Music Book and CD by Claire Lilley

Dressage to Music Book (limited stock)  by Claire Lilley

Riding dressage to music: everything a rider needs to know! In this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide, discover:

  • how schooling to music can add another dimension to daily training;
  • how to choreograph a routine;
  • sample routines from Prelims through to Prix St Georges;
  • how to ride music in a group and Quadrille riding explained;
  • advice on designing and making costumes that do not cost the earth;
  • an understanding of the rules, choreography and technical side of producing the music;
  • first-hand experiences from well-known riders and trainers, and also everyday riders who have competed for the first time.

This book explains how Ito put together a dressage routine to music. Also featured is quadrille riding, with patterns for a group of riders, plus advice on costumes and concepts.

Dressage to Music publications by Claire Lilley

FREE Riding to Music CD with all purchases!

riding to music CD
Riding to Music CD



The CD has tracks to suit different speeds of walk, trot and canter, with two routines for you to try.



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