The Scales of Training Workbook and DVD by Claire Lilley

The Scales of Training Workbook by Claire Lilley

The Scales of Training are used in dressage competitions to check if the horse’s way of going is correct. They are just as important for the novice horse as for the advanced.

The relevance of the Scales of Training to jumping is explained. Exercises are given to help you improve your horse’s level of training.The book includes the use of ground poles, music and other schooling suggestions.  Explanations give on common mistakes, misunderstandings and the detrimental effects of not following the Scales of Training are included.

Rhythm – Suppleness – Contact – Impulsion – Straightness – Collection

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Also available: Claire’s Training Programme Scales of Training DVD

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This book and DVD explain what the scales of training are and how to use them whether the rider wishes to concentrate on dressage, jumping or eventing. Exercises are given to help to develop the horse’s natural ability and to improve the rider’s understanding of the horse’s educational needs.

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